There are some obvious ways to get fired. For example, you could be like the TV news anchor who recently let loose with some curse words, during his first broadcast. But here are some not-so-obvious workplace “sins” that can also kill your career. They come from human resources expert Cynthia Shapiro, who wrote the book, "Corporate Confidential":

  • First: Being popular could kill your career. Shapiro says that’s because popularity often means sharing a lot of personal information about your life. And there have been many cases of people not getting promotions because the boss thought their personal life was a distraction, like if he hears you’re going through a nasty divorce. Also, if you try to be buddies with everyone, you won’t be making tough, business-minded decisions. People pleasers don’t get the corner office because they’re too worried about being liked. Shapiro says it’s okay to get along with your co-workers, just don’t try to be everyone’s best friend.

  • Another workplace sin: Over-decorating your workspace. Having too many personal items at work sends the wrong message about our priorities. Because if we fill our space with family photos, for example, the boss is going to think we’d rather be at home than at work. Plus, all that clutter makes us look unorganized. Your workspace shouldn’t look like the front of your refrigerator at home. 

  • One more surprising workplace sin: Always working late. It sends the message that you don’t manage your time well, or that you’re in over your head. It’s one thing if you have a big project that demands extra attention. But otherwise, quit at quitting time. The boss doesn’t care how many hours you put in, he only cares that you get the job done.

Want to go further? Check out Cynthia Shapiro’s book, "Corporate Confidential."