Hitting the gym isn’t automatically good for you. In fact, experts say it could make you sick - with everything from asthma to cancer – from exposure to toxins! Here are a few major gym toxins to beware of – and ways to stay healthy: 

  • First: Attention, swimmers! A few laps in the pool can trigger a full-blown asthma attack. A lot of pools – especially at gyms – are over-chlorinated to kill germs. And studies show that chlorine is an asthma trigger. Another dark side of chlorine? It can cause itchy, red eyes or a nasty rash. So, hit the shower as soon as you hop out of the pool – that’ll cut down on chlorine exposure.

  • Another gym issue: Avoid the soap in the locker room! Many gyms use soaps and wipes that contain Triclosan. That’s a powerful germ-fighting ingredient that was originally invented to keep surgical tools clean. But studies link excessive Triclosan exposure to thyroid disease, a weak immune system, and allergies. So, bring your regular soap to the gym. 

  • Then, did you know that running on a treadmill could give you cancer? The deadly MRSA bug has been found circulating around gyms. 

So a lot of gym cleaning crews are using very powerful disinfectants to wipe down equipment like treadmills and elliptical machines. But those products are often packed with toxic chemicals. And studies have linked them to everything from asthma to cancer. So, before you use exercise machine - wipe it down with alcohol-based antibacterial wipes. And shower as soon as your work-out is over.