According to a new Gallup survey, if you have a job today, there’s a whopping 70% chance you’re working from HOME at least a few days a week! But even from the comfort of your own couch, the research is clear: You’ll be much more productive if you take daily lunch breaks. Here’s why, according to environmental psychologist Lee Chambers:

First, there’s a limit to how much your brain can focus on each day. For most people, Chambers says we reach our limit after about FOUR HOURS of concentrating… and then we become significantly more prone to making mistakes and experiencing burnout. But research shows we can boost our capacity to focus by taking regular breaks. And afternoon lunch breaks can provide the perfect opportunity to “recharge” before pushing through the final tasks of the day.

And it helps if your lunch break involves some fresh air and exercise. Chambers says with more of us working from home, we’ve become much more sedentary than usual. And that has a negative impact on our energy, mood and productivity. So, aim to take a walk around the block. Walks get more blood pumping to your brain, so you’ll be primed for better creativity and problem-solving the rest of the day. And by getting outside, you’ll expose yourself to more natural light, which is known to reduce brain fog!