Workaholics… If you need to choose between working late or spending time with your partner: Choose your partner! That’s the conclusion of research from the London School of Economics. They asked over 200-thousand people around the world about the things that made them happy - and unhappy.

And when it came to money: Having a job made people happy. But how much they earned didn’t. Even when someone’s salary was doubled, it only increased happiness by a fraction.

So what really moved people’s happiness meter?

Being in a good relationship. Having a partner increased people’s happiness by a full point. and when the relationship ended, it lowered happiness by the same amount.

Being mentally and physically healthy also made people happy. But the study found we often choose to do things on a daily basis that undermine our happiness. Like eating chips instead of a salad… working late instead of spending time with our spouse… or working through lunch, instead of taking a break to recharge and call a friend. All of those things undermine our mental and physical health - and don’t make us happy - but we do them anyway.

Economist Dr. Richard Layard led the study and says, instead of being focused on gaining more wealth and getting ahead at all costs - we should be more concerned with improving our wellbeing. Because, in the end, that’s what makes us truly happy.