When it comes to your health, resolutions aren’t just for the beginning of the year – they should stick with you every single day. So, here are a few you need to work into your daily schedule, courtesy of the researchers at Woman’s Day magazine.

  • Resolve to substitute beans for meat two meals each week. Kate Geagan is a registered dietician and author of Go Green, Get Lean. She says studies show that people who eat more plant-based foods - which are lower in calories and richer in antioxidants than animal-based foods - have fewer incidents of chronic illness, including heart disease and diabetes. Some easy ways to get your beans are to swap out beef for black and red beans in burritos and chili, and to substitute meatloaf with a hearty minestrone soup and whole-grain bread.
  • Next: Resolve to hug someone every day. Studies show that hugging decreases levels of stress hormones and lowers blood pressure. In fact, one study found that people who hug their loved ones in the morning are protected against stress throughout the day. Cuddling with a pet counts, too! A growing body of research shows that the mere presence of pets can help alleviate stress and lower blood pressure.
  • Resolve to bail out on after-dinner cleanup! Ladies,if you’ve been trying to be supermom, it’s time to sit your family down and strike a new deal: You’ll keep doing the cooking, but they’ll start doing the cleaning. That advice comes from Dr. Sonja Lyubomirsky, a professor of psychology and author of The How of Happiness. She says this can give you as much as 30 minutes of valuable “me time.” You’ll not only be able to do more of the things you love, but you’ll be less stressed and happier. Research shows that women who have a never-ending list of responsibilities when it comes to kids, work and aging parents are more likely to be depressed. So, make the rest of your family pitch in at home, and kick your shoes off on a regular basis.