Career experts say our workdays are getting longer and longer – and our smartphones are to blame! 

New surveys show that a record number of us are logging in countless hours off-the-clock during nights and weekends. 

In fact, a new Bureau of Labor Statistics report found that two-thirds of us are spending time working at home - in addition to a regular 40-hour workweek. And it’s all because smartphones and iPads are getting more sophisticated and powerful.

Rob Smith is the co-author of the book “Telework.” And he says the common thinking was that smartphones would make it easier for people to work remotely at home, and have a much better work-life balance. But in reality, most of us are now glued to our smartphones and iPads 24-7. 

Also, most companies haven’t formally addressed rules for telecommuting, and have no policies in place, like “employees don’t have to respond to work emails after 7 P.M." So a lot of us feel compelled to do Skype conference calls, and reply to work emails and texts at all hours of the day and night. And that leaves us with virtually no down time. 

But studies show that constantly being in work-mode boosts your risk of developing chronic stress and anxiety. It also strains your relationships with friends and family. In fact, just 5 MINUTES of work during your off-hours can make stress levels skyrocket.

So, experts suggest, for your own sanity, work out your own personal telecommuting policy with your boss, like, ‘I don’t answer work emails after 7pm unless it’s an emergency.’