Here’s a shocking statistic: Women spend almost one year of their lives trying to decide what to wear when they leave the house! According to the London Telegraph, the average female spends 287 days pawing through her wardrobe – spending most of her time selecting outfits for Friday and Saturday nights, and other special occasions.

Some more surprising statistics: The average woman spends 16 minutes every morning deciding what to wear, sometimes even after spending the same amount of time the night before. She’ll try on an average of two outfits before making a final decision. Most women also spend about 20 minutes trying to figure out what to wear when they go out at night - whether they’re going on a date or just out with friends. Figuring out what clothes to take on vacation takes the average woman nearly an hour. The decision-making doesn’t stop there. While traveling, women spend 10 minutes trying to decide what to wear in the morning, and another 10 minutes at night – even with all that pre-planning!

When it comes time to decide what to wear to a dinner party, Christmas party, New Year’s party, or other special event – the average woman spends more than half an hour trying to decide what to wear. That doesn’t even include the half an hour that most women spend on their hair every day, which adds up to another 15 months getting ready to leave the house.