Who’s smarter, men or women? A comprehensive study was done by University College London which compared the I-Qs of men and women all over the world. And here are some of the results.

First, MEN score higher on IQ tests when it comes to spatial awareness skills. In other words, guys are better at reading maps – no matter what their wives say.

On the other hand, WOMEN are better with language skills – meaning they can communicate ideas better. And when it comes to overall I-Q and S-A-T scores, women around the globe come out slightly ahead of men.

But when researchers asked men and women to guess how smart they are, the results were interesting.

For instance, MEN tend to believe they’re the smartest person in the room. Hands down! Maybe not Albert Einstein-level brainiacs, but men think they’re smarter than women – and overestimate their I-Q.

However, WOMEN tend to underestimate their intelligence.  In fact, when asked to guess how smart they are, women – on average – presume their I-Q is five points LESS than it really is. And that’s everywhere from Argentina to Zimbabwe.

But the experts say there is no smarter gender.

Now here’s something both men and women agree on:

When asked to identify a smart person, in history or in their own family, people generally pick a MAN! Not always a specific man, like Albert Einstein. But people generally think their father is smarter than their mother, that grandpa is smarter than grandma.

So what does this all mean? Adrian Furnham, the psychologist who led this study, believes society sends misleading messages to children right from birth. We may not give girls enough praise for their abilities, while boys get praised for skills they don’t always have.