A surprising thing happened after millions of parents were forced to suddenly help educate their kids at home, because of the pandemic: Many decided they want to transition to homeschooling, full time! According to the market research firm Ipsos, MORE THAN HALF of all parents say they’re “very or somewhat likely” to consider home-schooling their kids in the fall – even if schools open back up and life returns to normal! The reasons?

Well, there’s the obvious fear factor. Because many parents don’t want to send their kids back to school and risk potentially exposing them to the coronavirus, until a vaccine comes out.

Parents also cite the difficulty involved with communicating with teachers online. Because different teachers can use different technologies and teaching methods. And that’s a problem since multiple studies have shown kids learn best when they follow consistent routines.

Plus, some parents would rather develop personalized lesson plans, tailored to their kid’s needs - rather than following traditional lesson plans. Because YOUR child may respond better to, say, math assignments, even before they’ve mastered handwriting! And with homeschooling, you can tweak lesson plans to your child’s strengths.

If you’re one of those parents considering home schooling in the fall, check out online homeschooling resources like K12.com, KhanAcademy.org and ClickSchooling.com.