You’ve seen the commercials for cheese burger pizza, or bacon and cheese sandwiched between pieces of fried chicken – all dripping with secret sauce. 

These outrageous menu items are growing more and more popular – even though they’re outrageously unhealthy. In fact, that’s part of the attraction! 

Because when restaurants nickname foods “a heart attack on a plate”, “flatliner fries”, “monster burger”, “the garbage can” or a “Bypass Burger” sales take off!  

So what makes people want to eat grossly unhealthy foods in the first place? Dr. Janelle Coughlin, is a psychiatry professor at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, and she says part of the appeal is that there are no immediate consequences. Just like you won’t get lung cancer from one cigarette, you probably won’t drop dead after eat a Bypass Burger. Also, people like to tempt fate – like the person who does something dangerous and lives to tell about it. Only these days, the bragging is done on Instagram or Facebook. One more reason for the trend? Extreme eating reality shows, like the Travel Channel's “Man versus Food.” It’s made ordering garbage can-style dishes entertaining.

But as fun as it may sound – there IS a real danger to these foods. 

The truth is, just ONE junk food meal can impact your health. According to the Canadian Journal of Cardiology, damage to the arteries occurs almost immediately after your wipe the sauce off your chin. And for the two hours following your garbage can meal, your circulation will drop an average of 17 percent. Over time, fat will then build up in the larger arteries, where it can cause a heart attack or stroke. So, the next time you get the urge for a Bypass Burger, and think, “What could it hurt?” The answer is, “My arteries right now, and my heart tomorrow.”