If you want a happy marriage, you should treat your spouse like your dog! That’s the opinion of couples’ counselor Suzanne Phillips. She says that one of the most common complaints she hears from unhappy spouses is, “I only wish I got as much attention as our dogs.” So, here are the three top habits from dog lovers that can improve any relationship:

  • Be happy to see each other! No matter how hard their day was, dog lovers always give their furry friends a warm hello, a belly rub, and maybe a walk around the block. Think what it would do for your relationship if you always gave your partner a hug and a kiss, and spent a half-hour together after work.

  • Don’t hold a grudge! According to a study in the journal Personal Relationships, most people are overly-sensitive about their partner’s bad habits – and those habits tend to become even more irritating over time. But the same person who goes ballistic over a wet towel on the bed will forgive their dog for barfing on the rug.

  • Pet ownership really is “for better or worse.” Most owners will stick with their pet, no matter how sick or needy they are. Marriage Educator Cathy Meyer says that a lot of people see divorce as an easy way out when their spouse disappoints them. But it’s rare for a person to decide they’ve had enough of a beloved family pet, and dump them. So instead of looking for a way out of your relationship, you may want to look for a way through the bad times. Just like you would hire a trainer to solve your pet’s behavior problems, you may need to hire a therapist to help you overcome your own problems.