Are you expecting a promotion this year? You may need to postpone the celebration. Here are a few reasons your company might not promote you:

  • Reason #1: You’re not ready. Employers promote workers so they’ll stay motivated and work hard. But before they give you more money and responsibilities, they need to know you’ve mastered your current job and are ready for the extra pressure. So, show your boss you’re ready by taking on more responsibilities.

  • Reason #2: Your company may not be able to afford to promote you. So, consider taking on more responsibilities without a salary increase. And schedule a three-month performance review. That way, you can prove you’re a moneymaker who’s worth the extra cash.

  • Reason #3: You do your job. And only your job. You don't get promoted for doing your job, you get paid for it. Getting promoted is about doing more than expected. If you meet expectations, feel free to pat yourself on the back, but don't be surprised when you don't climb the ladder.

  • Reason #4: You’re not friendly! Even if you bring in more business than the entire sales department combined, if no one wants to be around you, all that work is worthless. That’s because a study by the Harvard Business Review found that people would prefer to work with someone they like who’s incompetent, rather than someone who’s competent but not very likeable. And researchers say if two employees can do a job equally well, the more likeable person will always get the promotion.