Go ahead and watch a rerun of The Office, Friends or Seinfeld.

72% of all the streaming viewing done is reruns of old shows.

It might seem boring or repetitive to watch shows over and over again, because you already know what happens. But that’s not why we watch our favorite shows multiple times; we’re not trying to get engrossed in the story.

We do it because it’s comforting and easy on the brain.

According to the University of Chicago, exposing our minds to the same content repeatedly makes it easier to process - to the point where it eventually results in almost no mental effort needed to actually enjoy it! It also makes us comforted and nostalgic. Like if you watched Friends when it was on in the 90s, it can bring you back to that time, when life was simpler.

Psychologist Neel Burton says, nostalgia reminds us, and reassures us, that there have been meaningful moments and experiences in our lives - and there will be again.