Trendspotters say that sending an email, Facebook message, or Tweet is now passé. Instead, the next big thing is sending a handwritten note.

Ever since the arrival of email, the stationery industry has been on the verge of collapse, but experts say it’s suddenly booming. In fact, stationery makers everywhere are now scrambling to hire new employees, and train them in the art of letter press printing to keep up with the huge demand for custom stationery.

So, why is there a pen and paper boom? Experts say it’s because people want to feel more connected to each other. And even if they’re non-stop commenting, and “liking” friends’ statuses on Facebook, they think a paper note solidifies the relationship. After all, sending a card requires a lot more effort than simply hitting “send.” You have to pick out a card, write a personal note, buy a stamp, and drop it in the mail.

Even businesses are getting in on the feel-good note card action, which they say boosts employee morale. For example, managers at social media giant Twitter recently started handing out homemade, handwritten note cards that say “You’re awesome” to employees who do great work. But trendspotters say that not just any note card will do. The hottest stationery these days have a digital feel. For example, one popular engagement note card set resembles a Facebook screen, and says “Congratulations on your changed relationship status.”