Would you hire a former Navy SEAL to babysit? A growing number of parents are! A new nanny agency is recruiting military veterans for a new challenge and perhaps their most difficult one to date: babysitting!

The program is called “Tactical Nannies” and was created by former Navy SEAL Jonathan Gilliam. He says that safety has never been more of a concern for parents. And having your child taken care of by someone who’s been vetted by the U.S. government, and who’s spent years in combat learning to protect others, is priceless.

For example, consider the resume of one Tactical Nanny we read about. 23-year-old Army vet Melissa Fraga is trained to track enemies, oversee mission communications and, like many babysitters, knows CPR. But unlike most babysitters – she’s a certified combat lifesaver. Which means she’s trained to treat an open chest wound, administer a makeshift IV, and apply an improvised tourniquet. Experts say the biggest selling point of Tactical Nannies is that their military background has trained them to handle and react to stressful situations safely and at lightning-speed.

A Tactical Nanny will cost you roughly double the price of a regular sitter - about $30 an hour. But a lot of parents say it’s worth it to know their child is protected. Right now, the company is recruiting and vetting candidates – giving them background checks, going over their training records and files detailing any problems during their service. Also, a psychologist helps match the vets’ and families personalities’ to make the best match.

So, would you hire a Tactical Nanny?