Before you envy couples for always having someone to turn to for love and companionship, here’s a list of some surprising advantages singles have over couples – based on the latest science!

  • Singles are more hire-able. Since the recession ended, a new CNN study found that 90 percent of singles who had lost a job are now employed again! That’s four times the portion of married people who have recovered a job in recent years. Researchers say it’s because singles are more flexible than couples. So, they’re more willing to snap up jobs that require working odd hours, for example, or moving to a new city. While people in relationships tend to sit back and wait for the “right” job to come along, because they have a partner to take into consideration.

  • They’re slimmer. According to a new study from Ohio State University, the average married person weighs 14 pounds more than the average singleton! Researchers say that makes sense, because when you’re single, you tend to worry about your looks – since you’re tying to attract a mate. But once you’re in a relationship, people tend to get lazy about maintaining their looks, because they know they’re loved no matter what.

  • Singles drink less. Surprised? Statistically speaking, research shows that couples tend to buy more alcohol than singles. Experts say one reason is that a couple’s health habits rub off on each other. So, if you’re with someone who likes to crack open a bottle of wine every now and then, then chances are you’ll start doing the same. And instead of buying just one bottle of wine each time, you’ll buy two!