A growing number of restaurants are cracking down on diners who take photos of their food. Some are asking people to put their cameras away as meals are served, while others are banning cameras altogether. Why? Because a new survey found that more than 1-in-4 of us have used a smartphone to snap a picture of our food, and then shared it online.

Let’s face it, we love to show off what we’re eating. And people love looking at food photos online. It’s the hottest category of pictures on sites like Pinterest. And so many of us are posting food photos with Instagram, that it’s called “food-sta-gramming.”

But, just because we love taking food photos, doesn’t mean restaurants love it. Some owners say that a dining room full of people snapping photos is rude and distracting because the moment you pull out your phone, all the table conversation stops! And that destroys the ambience.

Plus, even if your intention is to admire the food you’re eating, some chefs say snapping photos of your meal as insulting. After all, your chef’s just gone through the trouble of making sure your meal’s delivered to you hot and ready to eat. And now you’re letting it sit there, getting cold, while you take pictures.

What do you think? Should more restaurants ban food photos? Or, are you a regular “food-sta-grammer”?