Do you look old for your age? Then listen carefully. According to a recent study, people who look older than other people their age are almost 60 percent more likely to have a heart attack or stroke. If you have grey hair or a few wrinkles, don’t freak out – those two traits aren’t associated with cardiovascular problems. But here are the other telltale signs of aging that are:

  • Yellow spots on the eyelids. They’re caused by small deposits of cholesterol. So, it makes sense that they’re a warning sign of heart disease.

  • Vertical creases on your earlobes. No one’s exactly sure why they’re a predictor of heart problems. But some physicians believe the creases are the result of plaque building up on your artery walls.

  • A receding hairline. Cardiologist Dr. Kevin Channer says that hair loss is an indicator of low testosterone levels. And research has linked low testosterone with heart disease in men. But guys, don’t fall for the supplement offers that clog your junk-email folder. The only proven ways to naturally increase testosterone levels are weight loss and exercise.

If you see any of these signs when you look in the mirror, it’s time to see your doctor.