Can you do the downward dog yoga pose? A lot of two-year-olds can! Yoga is the hottest workout for newborns up to high school kids. And the trend is so big, that a growing number of “kids-only” yoga studios are opening up from coast to coast while retailers are scrambling to roll out children’s yoga DVDs!

Experts say children’s yoga is like the adult version, just “sillier” - to help kids stay focused during workouts. For example, instructors will have their little yogis make funny noises while doing poses. Like, bark while doing the downward dog or meow during the cat pose.

So, why is yoga hooking so many kids? Because they need it for the same reason adults do – for stress relief, strength, focus, and coordination.  It’s also one of the few NON-COMPETITIVE forms of exercise for kids.

Also, studies show that kids who practice yoga perform and behave better in school! For example, after the Cass Street School in Wisconsin started offering weekly yoga classes to their eighth-graders, the number of classroom disruptions and fights dropped 50 percent.

But before you plop your child down on a yoga mat, know this: The American Yoga Association warns that kids should only take a yoga-course specifically geared for children – not adults.

That’s because adult exercises aren’t meant for kids’ developing bodies – and could damage their growing nervous and glandular systems.  Children’s yoga instructors are required to have 96 hours of child-specific training to become registered. To find a trained kids’ instructor near you, try