Why is waking up early so hard?

There's a scientific reason. A doctor named Simon Archer at Britain's University of Surry calls it the "clock gene."

Whether you find it hard to rise and shine in the morning, or impossible to stay awake after 10:00pm   it's all because of a gene they've identified as "Period 3."

Period 3 helps to regulate our internal body clock and it comes in two sizes. A long one and a short one.

People who have a preference for early mornings are more likely to have a long Period 3 gene. People who stay up for the "Late, Late Show" have a short Period 3.

How did the researchers find all this out? They cornered 500 people visiting the London Science Museum and took a DNA swab from the inside of their mouths. Then they asked the people to fill out questionnaires about their sleeping and waking habits. The study of those 500 people lead to the Period 3 gene theory.

And here's the reason you shouldn't fight your natural body clock. If you stay on its schedule your brain and body will function better.