You’ve probably heard people say that it’s “unfashionable” to wear white after Labor Day, but have you ever wondered where that fashion rule comes from? 

According to etiquette expert “Miss Manners,” a lot of us follow the “no white” rule for practical reasons. The thinking is that white colors tend to reflect the sun’s rays, while dark colors absorb them, so, if your goal is to stay warm as the weather gets cooler, then wearing dark colors is the way to go.

Also, many of the top fashion magazines are based in northern cities, like New York and London, which tend to get more rain after Labor Day. More rain means more mud, and experts say people don’t want to risk putting on a trendy all-white outfit if they’re just going to get dirty!

Also know this: According to the book American Fashion, white colored clothing is associated with, quote: “a look of leisure.” It suggests that you’re on vacation, so, that’s why most people put away their white clothing after Labor Day. It’s a symbolic way of reminding ourselves to get back to business.

But don’t feel bad if you accidentally wore something white today, because not only are shades of white and cream a big trend for fall, but as one fashion expert put it: The best time to wear white is, quote: “when people aren’t expecting it.”