You may never go to a traditional casket funeral again! That’s because new statistics show that 42 percent of people who died last year were cremated. That's double the rate than in previous years. And in some parts of North America, the cremation rate is topping 70 percent and climbing like in Nevada, and Washington state.

So, why is cremation hotter than ever?

First: For religious reasons! The Catholic Church used to ban cremations. But now they allow them, so the practice is becoming much more accepted across the board.

Another reason for the rise in cremations? They’re convenient! Census data shows that a growing number of North Americans live farther from their hometowns and parents compared to previous generations. So, having a family burial plot doesn’t make sense for long-distance loved ones. Instead, a lot of people would rather keep their loved one’s ashes wherever they are.

And the biggest reason? Money! Cremation costs around $1,600 while a funeral, plot, and burial can easily cost 10 times that!

A lot of funeral homes are capitalizing on the trend by rolling out new products and services. For example, they’re selling fancy specialty urns! Like, say your grandfather was a golfer.  The Masters Golf Cremation urn looks like a bag of golf cubs.

And some funeral homes are offering to scatter your loved one’s ashes in a special place for you like in a forest or the ocean for anywhere from $700 and up.