What’s one of the coolest things to do these days? Have brunch! Trendspotters say there’s been a big brunch movement lately, and even schools, churches, and neighborhoods are forming their own brunch groups. There are also hundreds of groups on social networking sites like Meetup.com, including “Vegan brunches,” and “Caramel-stuffed-bacon-doughnut brunch group.” They meet at different restaurants every week to socialize and eat.

And in big cities, a lot of trendy nightclubs are spending big bucks offering morning entertainment, like fog machines, go-go dancers, and rappers, to hook the brunch crowd.

So, why is brunch suddenly in? Gail Gand is the author of the book Brunch! And she says that it’s a low-pressure and inexpensive way to get together with friends or meet new people. Since the entire meal usually lasts no more than 2 hours, and costs about $10 per person.

However, some restaurants we read about are charging big bucks. For example, Ajna Bar in Manhattan offers a $2,000 omelet. What’s in a $2,000 omelet? It’s made with ostrich eggs, lobster, caviar, and a splash of Dom Perignon champagne.

If you want to get in on the brunch trend without spending a couple grand, experts say simply Google “brunch clubs” and the name of your town, and local groups will pop up.