What’s one of the most in-demand jobs these days? It’s sewing! In fact, demand for sewers is so high that colleges and technical schools are scrambling to create special intensive programs that train you to do everything from operate cutting equipment to sewing all sorts of materials, like leather and silk. And you can earn a certificate in a few months, so you can instantly start working.

For example, the Dunwoody College of Technical Arts in Minnesota recently created a 5 month course that crams in all the basics of sewing, and certifies you to work as a professional. 

So, why’s sewing so hot? It boils down to a short supply and huge demand. 

So many North American companies have outsourced sewing jobs over the last couple of decades, there’s a huge shortage of North American sewers. And experts say that sewing is a dying trade, because most of the current workforce are in their 60s and 70s. And if new people aren’t trained today – then clothing makers, leather goods manufacturers and upholstery companies will have trouble making their quotas.

Experts also say that there’s a huge shortage of workers since sewing isn’t seen as a cutting edge profession – excuse the pun. A lot of people think it’s a dead-end job and they’ll be stuck earning minimum wage in a factory forever. But experts say many people can get a good paying job working at a small boutique or huge firm. And you’re not limited to stitching clothing. Sewing skills are needed to make everything from medical vests to HVAC vents to luggage.