Cell phone bans don’t work, and they never will!

That’s the gist of a new M-I-T study, showing that even though more cities are banning using cell phones in cars, the number of crashes linked to cell phones is holding steady. And researchers say there’s a simple explanation for this: Because cell phone bans don’t stop lousy driving habits. They just make bad drivers even worse! 
In the study, more than 100 drivers were asked to identify themselves in one of three categories: Those who “frequently” used cell phones while driving, those who “rarely” used them, and those who “never” used phones in their car. Then, participants were asked to drive around for an hour - cell-phone free - in a car packed with cameras and sensors designed to track their driving habits. 

Here’s what happened: It turns out, the “frequent” cell phone users were more likely to display aggressive driving habits, compared to those who “rarely” or “never” used phones behind the wheel. For example: They drove faster, changed lanes twice as often, and were more likely to brake hard at stop signs. 

Researchers say the results clearly show two things: First, that the more aggressive you are behind the wheel, the more likely you are to “frequently” drive with a cell phone. And second, that aggressive drivers don’t change their habits just because the phone’s taken away!

That’s why some experts now say cell phone bans are ineffective, because the bans may stop us from driving with cell phones, which are proven to impair driving skills, but the bans don’t stop the lousy, aggressive driving that causes most crashes in the first place!