Guys, if you've ever thought to yourself, "Why does she DO that?"   this is for you. Here are some of life's greatest mysteries about women   solved! We found this information in an old McCall's magazine. See - we really do dig! 

**Why do women go on periodic housecleaning frenzies?** Blame it on her thyroid gland. It's larger and more active than a man's and gives her more pep and enthusiasm. She also has a regular monthly "nesting impulse" that sends her buzzing around, making everything neat and orderly.
**Why are women so clumsy at pitching a ball and running?** Simple - bone structure. The average woman's arms are more bent at the elbow than a man's. This causes that stiff, downward motion in ball-throwing that men find so hilarious--And most women are also knock-kneed - their legs are built in the same bent angle as their arms. Men's legs are usually straighter. That's why men run more gracefully, but women throw their legs in an arc.
The next female mystery, solved: **Why are women always hearing burglars?** Women's senses are keener than a man's. And even though she might be wrong about the burglar, she probably did hear something her husband didn't. Her taste, smell and touch senses are sharper, too.
And finally: **Why do women go in for concerts and "culture" so much more than men?** This is also biologically based--These events usually call for sitting still, and it's hard for a man to do that. But a woman is usually heaviest around the hips, so this makes her more comfortable in chairs. A man is top-heavy, with his maximum weight around his chest and shoulders. He's built for action, not sitting.
That's why we make better super-heros.