Quick: What movie won the Oscar for Best Picture last year? Even if you can’t remember – it was “The Artist” – you probably still watch awards shows.

But why do we care about super-long ceremonies packed with lame jokes, stumbling speeches, and ego trips? Because awards shows are among the few glamorous Hollywood events that are open to the public. And it’s not just about the glitz, the dresses, and the celebrities. In this day and age – when even “reality” TV is scripted - people find it refreshing to watch something truly unpredictable where they might see a starlet in a dreadful dress, or a favorite star doing something embarrassing, like at the recent Golden Globes when Meryl Streep’s comments were bleeped after she left her reading glasses at her seat.

Another reason we’re addicted to awards shows: Twitter and Facebook. We may be sitting in our living rooms watching a celebration of Hollywood’s celebrity culture but now we can comment on it, in real time. And even people who don’t really care all that much about awards shows see the buzz on Twitter and Facebook, and just have to tune in - or chime in - so they don’t get left out.