Have you ever noticed how some TV show themes are more addicting than others, and make us want to run to watch our favorite shows?

For example: Rolling Stone magazine recently described this theme from “Downton Abbey” as, quote “a rapturous theme song that makes fans of the show drool like Pavlov’s dog.” 

We’ve also heard people say the same thing about the theme songs from shows like “True Blood,” or - my favorite - “Game Of Thrones.” 

Exactly why does music like this have such an affect on us? According to psychologist Shara Sand, TV music composers plan it that way! She says it all starts with a good beat. So, we’ll respond physically - by bopping our head, or tapping our toes. Another component is a constant, driving momentum to the songs, so they get us revved up and excited for what’s to come.

But if you listen carefully, you’ll notice that the momentum keeps building without coming to a resolution. And Sands says that’s key, because musically, it keeps us on edge, and waiting for the song to either take off – or come to a conclusion.

And our expert says it’s that anticipation that’s so addicting. Basically, she says the music gets us, quote “psychologically drooling.”

Something to think about the next time you hear your favorite TV theme song.