How can you tell if someone’s a daredevil? Ask if they like spicy salsa. 

A new study found that people who like spicy food also usually have risk-taking personalities. Penn State University researchers gave 200 volunteers a questionnaire to gauge their wildness level. They completed questions like “Do you gamble?” Or “Do you enjoy skydiving?” Then volunteers ate some spicy chili. The result? People who scored low on the risk-taking test disliked spicy foods. Meanwhile, high risk-taking scorers enjoyed hot foods. 
Dr. Alan Hirsch of the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation says the correlation between risk taking and spicy food makes total sense. That’s because there’s a common theory that daredevils don’t get enough adrenaline, and they take risks to get that adrenaline surge and feel better. Going bungee jumping and eating super spicy food cause a little pain, which triggers an adrenaline boost.