Here's some "smartest person in the room" intelligence that answers a question we've all asked at one time or another: Why does Rice Krispy cereal go snap, crackle and pop? We found the answer in Science Daily. Ted Labuza is a professor of food science and engineering at The University of Minnesota. He says that even though Rice Krispies have been making noise at breakfast for more than 80 years, science has been mute about the reasons why. So, he looked at the mechanics of mixing them with milk. Here's what he found: Each Rice Krispy is actually a series of air-filled chambers. The chambers form because the rice is cooked at very high temperatures. When you pour milk onto them, it pushes the air out - increasing pressure on the walls of each chamber. They shatter, and that's what you hear! Labuza says the Krispies probably make different sounds because of the various sizes of the air pockets, and they stop making noise after they pick up all the milk they can handle. By the way, Rice Krispies are the only food that behave this way. Pop Rocks don't make noise because they break. They make noise because putting them in your mouth causes them to melt, releasing tiny bubbles of carbon dioxide that are added to the candy while it cooks. That's the popping you hear.