We guys are not the best judge of our own health.

That’s the gist of a new survey. It basically asked people to type in their height and weight, and then guess the weight category they thought they’d fall into – including “underweight,” “healthy,” “overweight,” “obese” or “morbidly obese”.

More than 300-thousand people participated in the survey. And when researchers crunched the numbers, they noticed a disturbing trend. Most women were able to correctly guess their own weight category, but about 1-in-4 men underestimated it. So, for example, guys who thought they were in the “healthy” category were really “overweight” and many guys who guessed that they were “obese” were actually “morbidly obese”.

To put this another way: Researchers say men were twice as likely as women to think they were healthy when they weren’t! And the heavier guys were, the more likely they were to be wrong about their weight.

This means a lot of men may not even be aware that their lifestyle is putting them at a higher risk for diseases associated with being overweight – like heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

But women are just the opposite.

Researchers say women are hyper-aware of their own weight. In fact, many women still think they’re “overweight,” when in reality they’re perfectly healthy.

Bottom line: Based on this survey, health experts say one of their biggest new challenges is figuring out how to get men to worry more about their waistlines while getting women to worry less!