Have you ever seen a couple who’s been married a long time and thought, “Man, they look alike!” Well, it’s not a figment of your imagination. A recent study analyzed photos of couples over a 25-year period, and they found that the longer two people stayed together – and the happier they were - the more they resembled each other. The researchers think there are three reasons why:

  • First: We’re attracted to people with features similar to our own. Sure, a blue-eyed blonde can fall for Mr. tall-dark-and-handsome. But research psychologist Dr. Anthony Little says most of us are drawn to people with facial features similar to our own because we subconsciously believe a familiar face makes them kinder and more trustworthy. 

  • Another reason couples tend to look like each other: We tend to mimic our partner’s behavior. Which means, if your partner laughs a lot - you will, too. And after 25 years, you’ll both have a lot of laugh lines around the eyes and mouth. 

  • And the final reason there are so many look-alike couples: Because a lot of newlyweds adopt the husband’s eating habits after marriage. 

Which usually means bigger portions, because when the two of you dine out, the portions a woman ordered before - seem small next to a man’s meal. So women will end up matching their man, bite for bite. That’s why a lot of long-term couples have similar body shapes. But it works in reverse too, because if a husband decides to eat healthier, his wife will too.