Feeling chilly? If you’re wearing a sweater, socks, a jacket, and gloves – and you’re still shivering – here are the possible reasons for your chills:

  • You’ve recently lost a lot of weight. When people lose a considerable amount of weight through dieting, they usually lose fat and muscle. And since both fat and muscle help keep your body warm, you’re going to feel colder when you don’t have as much of it. So, what can you do? Resistance training. Lifting light weights will help re-build body-warming muscle.
  • Sluggish glands. Your thyroid is the gland that helps regulate your metabolism, and if it’s _under_active, your metabolism slows down and you produce less heat. If you think you might have an underactive thyroid, see your doctor. They can give you a blood test to see if it’s functioning correctly.
  • Bad blood flow. Poor circulation often leads to the chills. So what causes poor circulation? One common cause is anemia. When you’re anemic, your body can’t deliver enough red blood cells to your hands and feet – to keep their temperatures in check. You can counter this condition by eating iron-rich foods, like lean meats, whole grains, and legumes. Another reason for poor circulation? Coffee and cigarettes. Both caffeine and smoking constrict blood vessels, slowing circulation and making you colder.