Are you a newly-tattooed grandma?

A growing number of tattoo artists are reporting a jump in the number of older women getting tattoos these days. In fact, the National Tattoo Association says there’s been a significant spike in the number of women ages 50 and up getting tattooed for the first time.  And they include women like actress Susan Sarandon, whose first tattoo at age 61 was an inscription of her children’s initials.

So what’s going on? Believe it or not, many older women say they’re getting tattoos to “fit in” at the retirement community. That makes sense, when you consider one-in-six Baby Boomers have tattoos – and many are finally reaching retirement age.

Other women are getting tattoos as a way of asserting their independence - like after they’ve gone through a divorce, or after their spouse passes. They may also get a special tattoo to commemorate turning 100, or for their grandkids.

Tattoo artists say one advantage of getting tattoos later in life is that the tattoos are less likely to fade or migrate. Plus, you can never be told “you’ll regret it when you’re older”.  After all, you already are older!