North America is the land of the free and the home of the crybaby. More people than ever are whining about being in pain. And they’re not even battling major illnesses, they’re complaining about every cough, cold, and scrape they get. And experts say that the Internet is fueling their annoying behavior.

In fact, people aren’t just updating their Facebook status about how much they ache. They’re also trying to one-up other complainers. Like when someone posts on Facebook, “My throat hurts”.  And, suddenly, their profile is bombarded with comments from fellow whiners griping about everything from pinched nerves to out-of-control allergies.

So, why are a record number of people publicly complaining about pain?

Experts say today’s generation is the “me” generation. They’re craving attention, and being in pain is a surefire way to guilt friends into giving it to them.

Plus, today’s generation is plugged-in to the online world 24-7 with smartphones. Which means it’s never been easier to broadcast every private thought and feeling to the world.

So, is online sharing healthy? Psychologists say that online venting is a quick fix. You burn off a little anxiety about the problem and get instant attention. But studies show that over-focusing on pain can intensify the amount you feel.

If you’re guilty of constantly complaining about pain, experts say don’t go online – go to the doctor. Because if it’s bad enough to complain about, you need to get it taken care of.