What’s the latest illegal thing at schools these days? It’s father-daughter dances!

For decades, they’ve been a time-honored tradition, but a school in Cranston, Rhode Island says it’s against state law and have banned the event, and a lot of schools are following suit.

It all started when a single mom filed a complaint with the American Civil Liberties Union saying that, because her daughter didn’t have a father, she couldn’t attend the school’s father-daughter dance, and in her eyes, that was discrimination.

Her lawyers argued that a public school system shouldn’t exclude any student from school activities and events based on gender. 

So, the school quickly banned all father-daughter and mother-son activities, and now are hosting “family dances” to accommodate all types of families, lawsuit-free.

So, do you think father-daughter dances discriminate against single mother families? Or does banning them ruin a time-honored tradition? Post a comment at Facebook.com/JohnTesh.