What’s sending a lot of people to the ER these days? It’s energy drinks! A new government study found that the number of people treated at ERs for energy drink-related issues has doubled in the last few years. And that’s why health officials have now labeled energy drinks “a rising public health problem.”

So, why are energy drinks so dangerous? It all boils down to their sky-high caffeine count. Some super-size energy drinks have seven times the caffeine of a can of Coke. And when all that caffeine enters your system, it can speed up your heart rate and increase blood pressure. That could potentially trigger stroke, a heart attack or death – especially in people who have undiagnosed heart conditions. But the big problem is when you mix energy drinks with other substances and stimulants, like the ADHD med Ritalin. In fact, 42% of people treated at ERs last year mixed energy drinks with substances like Ritalin, Adderall, or alcohol.

The scary health statistics are sparking a number of politicians to crack down on energy drinks. Like one councilman in Chicago. He’s proposing a citywide ban on super-sized energy drinks. And would slap anyone who’s caught selling or drinking one with a $500 dollar fine. Legal experts say if the ban goes through, we can expect cities and towns across North America to adopt the same ban.