These days, for most mothers, one kid is enough. There’s even a new name for only children: Onlies. So, why are couples having fewer kids? A few reasons.

  • First, because parents are happier with just one. It may sound controversial – but it’s a fact: Studies show that parenthood decreases happiness by 6-percent, compared to a childless person. That’s because parenthood comes with more stress and sacrifices. And each additional child drops happiness levels another 2 percent. Which means, if you have 3 kids, you’re only 90-percent as happy as a childless person.

  • Also, kids are expensive! The cost of raising a child from birth costs a minimum of $350,000, and that doesn’t include college! 

  • Another reason more couples are having only one child: They’re marrying and starting families much later in life, so, there are fewer years to physically have kids. And often, the wife doesn’t want to stop her career multiple times to have multiple kids. 

But since so many families are sticking with one child, for the first time in history, our population is shrinking. 

And experts say that’ll have a negative impact on the way we all live for generations to come. Because in order to create a stable population, a woman needs to have two kids. It’s called “The replacement rate” - because the babies replace the older generation that dies off. But right now, the replacement rate is below two kids, which means, soon we’ll end up with a higher percentage of old people than young people, and we’ll be buying more adult diapers than baby diapers.

And that’s not a joke. It’s already happening in Japan.