Have you noticed, cellphones are suddenly getting “supersized”? And in some cases, they’re going back to the size they were in the 1980s when phones weighed pounds – not ounces. For example:  

  • One of the best-selling phones of this year is Samsung’s Galaxy Note II, which is about the size of an extra-large Hershey’s chocolate bar. 

  • And Apple is reportedly testing designs for a new mobile device more than triple the size of an iPhone. 

Why are phones getting huge again after so many years of getting smaller? Experts say you can blame all the new game apps we have on our smartphones. Half of smartphone owners say they play games on their phones “regularly," and surveys show that game apps are more enjoyable to use on a larger screen. Plus, 40-percent of smartphone owners use their device as a “mini-TV” for watching movies, TV shows and You Tube videos. And all that video looks better on a bigger screen.

Another reason we want bigger phones, it’s hard to type on those tiny screens. According to a Harris Interactive survey 50-percent of all users, male and female, tap on things they didn’t mean to, whether it’s a wrong letter or an ad. 
Bottom line: Back when we only made phone calls, we preferred tiny cell phones. But for apps, videos, and typing we now want bigger ones. The problem for gadget makers is to find a middle ground: Something with a big enough screen for watching videos and large enough keys for typing, but something that’s still small enough to fit in a pocket.