When it comes to dating, men and women are pretty old-fashioned, at least as far as who they think should pay for the date. According to a recent study, 90-percent of men think the man should pay for everything on a first date. 

And they’re not getting much of an argument. Over 60-percent of women expect the man to pick up the tab, at least at the beginning of a relationship. Interestingly enough, even though most women offer to “go Dutch” on a first date, they also secretly want the guy to reject their offer. 
Some people think that sounds like a dating double-standard. But relationship expert April Masini says that old-fashioned traditions like that can help launch a new relationship in the right direction. That’s because when the man pays on the first few dates, it sends a strong message that he’s interested in pursuing a real relationship because he’s literally investing in the couple’s future. 
So guys, consider reaching for your wallet when you’re dating someone new. Odds are it’ll even out in the long run. The same study found that by the end of the second month of dating, both men and women are comfortable splitting expenses because there’s already an unspoken intention to pursue something long-term and splitting dating expenses is one way couples learn to work together as a team.