One CEO was quoted in Businessweek as saying, “I wanted a happy company. So I fired all the unhappy people.” Let that be a warning to you.

They had a recent article called, “Three Types of People to Fire Immediately.” Basically, there are certain employees that when they get fired, the whole staff thinks, “What took so long?” And the sooner the boss gets rid of them, the better. Productivity goes up, morale goes up, and respect for the boss goes up. 

Wanna know who they are?

  • The Victim. How can you identify the victim? They’ll say stuff like: “Can you believe what they want us to do now? I don’t have time for this! And I certainly don’t get paid enough for this!” Victims are people who see problems as another reason to complain - rather than a challenge to overcome. We all fall into the victim role sometimes, but for some, it’s a way of life. These people are often angry, usually annoyed, and almost always complaining.

  • The second person who should be fired immediately? The Nonbeliever. You might hear them say, “Even if we come up with a good idea, the boss will probably kill it - I’ve seen this a hundred times before.” So why are non-believers so poisonous? Because a winning team of employees believes in what they’re doing and when given a task, believes they can do it. And there’s a very strong link between believing and succeeding. Non-believers are like a cancer and need to be cut out.

  • The final person who should get a pink slip? The Know-It-All. You’ll hear them say, “You people obviously don’t understand how the business works.” or “We’ve always done it this way.” But the best employees are learners, not knowers, because people who know too much, often don’t want to try new things. But if you don’t try and fail – and learn from it – you never grow.