Letter writing may be on the verge of making a comeback.

That’s thanks to the “Snail Mail My Email” project. It’s a new Website that thinks sending an email is way too fast and impersonal. That’s why their volunteers will convert your emails and instant messages into handwritten letters. They’ll also add a personal doodle, a spray of perfume or a lipstick kiss if you ask them to. Then, they’ll stamp and mail your message the old fashioned way – free of charge - to any address in the world.

The project was started by Ivan Cash, who believes messages feel more personal when they’re crafted by hand, using a pen and paper. And many language experts agree that handwritten letters stand out in this era of email, Twitter and Facebook.  That’s because when someone receives a handwritten letter, they think: “someone took the time to do this”.

That may explain why 90 percent of the letters Cash and his volunteers have mailed out so far have been love letters.

Want to go further? Check out SnailMailMyEmail.org.