Did you know you can eat your way to a whiter smile? Here’s a list of foods that’ll help whiten your teeth naturally. They come from cosmetic dentist Dr. Timothy Chase.

First: **Eat CRUNCHY fruits and vegetables** like apples, celery, carrots, and cauliflower. Dr. Chase calls those “nature’s toothbrush,” because their “crunch” provides a natural abrasive that literally scrubs stains from teeth as you chew.

Also: Eat CITRUS fruits. It turns out the acid in oranges, pineapples, and grapefruit contains enzymes that kill bacteria, and ward off tooth decay. Plus, eating citrus gets your saliva flowing, which helps keep plaque from forming. And Dr. Chase says less plaque means less stain.

Another natural teeth whitener: Cheese. In fact, Dr. Chase says most dairy products contain proteins that bind to teeth, and help shield them from cavities and stains.

One more way to whiten your teeth naturally: Stop drinking soda! Dr. Chase says if you look at teeth under a microscope, they’re like tiny sponges, with many nooks and crannies… But soda contains acids that rot tooth enamel, and make those nooks and crannies bigger. That gives food more places to hide and leave stains……And as a general rule, Dr. Chase says any food that will cause a stain on your clothes can stain your teeth too.