What are people downloading on iTunes these days? White noise and nature sounds, like crickets, waterfalls, and an oscillating fan. Why? Because the sounds help people sleep and battle daytime stress.

People are using them to tune out everything from chatty-co-workers, to pounding jackhammers, to the dentist’s drill. Or simply to block out train or bus noise on their morning commute. 

In fact, a lot of people are discovering that listening to nature sounds helps them relax, and clears their mind, making it easier to focus, and boosting productivity. 

Then there’s white noise, which is a random sampling of all sound frequencies – sort of like static - which can drown out other sounds. And it makes your brain more efficient, increases feelings of privacy, and blocks out distractions and sounds that cause anxiety – like sirens. And in studies, kids who had trouble paying attention performed better when white noise was added to the classroom. 

One company - SimplyNoise - offers .99 downloadable “soundscapes.” Including Amazon rainforest, and one track with a ticking clock, purring cat, and running sprinkler. 

And HeavyDutyApps offers a $2 app called Sleep Pillow Ambiance, which includes rain, wind, crashing waves, and unexpected sounds, like “cold drinks with ice.” 

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