Puerto Rico ranks number one, as the most blissed-out place in the world, followed by Mexico and Denmark. That's according to a study of over 80 countries by the non-profit group, World Values Survey Association. They ranked the countries based on the answers to various question about happiness from both men and women--Questions like:

  • How important are family and friends in your life?
  • Looking at every aspect of your life, how happy are you?
  • No matter what your parent's faults are, do you agree that they should be loved and respected?
  • And do you think most people can be trusted?

Each country's answers were tabulated and then ranked against the others. So why do Puerto Ricans have such a sunny outlook on life   while over half the country is living below the poverty line?
Professor Robert Inglehart from the University of Michigan says it's a bit of a mystery since most people base their happiness on economic stability. But generally, the folks in Latin America feel that they have free choice and control over their lives   something that's lacking in other parts of the world--And feeling like you have a choice in the way you live your life is closely linked to well-being and life satisfaction.
Another thing that Latins know is that being happy is about having a good attitude. Despite the violence in Puerto Rico, the crime rates and poverty, most Puerto Ricans have an innate sense of fun   no matter what. They have a positive outlook on life and the future   that things will get better. So if you're feeling down about life, get a Puerto Rican attitude   know that you have a choice in the way you live your life and you can choose to be happy.