Guys, are you all set for a first date? Great! But if you’re hoping to impress the lady in question, here’s where not to take her: 

  • First: A sports-themed restaurant. Your date won’t want to compete for your attention with the big game, or have to struggle to hear you over the screams of sports fans. And no one looks good with hot wings sauce on their chin.

  • Where else shouldn’t you take a first date? A paintball arena. Sure, your date might have grown up hunting with her brothers, or be a member of the NRA. Even so, most women on a date don’t want to be a moving target. Besides, paint pellets sting and leave bruises. Do you want pain to be her first memorable experience with you? 

  • Also: If you’re thinking “theme park,” make sure your date likes rollercoasters, and isn’t someone who gets queasy on the merry-go-round. Sure, standing in line leaves plenty of time to get to know each other. And you can be macho when she grabs your arm during the scary upside-down parts. But she’d probably rather not throw up in a trash can while you watch. 

  • The final first-date no-no: Taking her to meet your mother. Your mom might make the best fried-chicken on the planet. But your date definitely won’t enjoy being cross-examined to see if she’s wife material.