Here are a few cool tips I found in First magazine:

  • Guess what - some of the best beauty products are right in your baby's diaper bag! For instance, baby lotion is the perfect makeup remover. It wipes away stubborn mascara and eyeliner without stinging your eyes. And diaper-rash ointment   like Desitin   is great for blemishes - I kid you not! So, dab a bit on a zit before you go to bed. The zinc oxide dries out excess oil and kills bacteria before it can spread.
  • Next, if you want your mascara to go on smoothly and evenly, briskly roll your tube of mascara between your palms for 20 seconds. That'll create enough heat to dissolve the clumps, allowing you to build fuller, lusher-looking lashes.
  • And finally, if you love to swim, pool-proof your hair by rinsing off with a hose first. Soaking your follicles in fresh water creates a barrier that keeps your hair from absorbing chlorine, which can dull and dry your hair like crazy.