Ever feel like there’s never enough time to run your errands, because you spend all day standing in line? Well you’re onto something because statistics show that the average person spends about 240 hours – that’s TEN DAYS – waiting in line each year! If you plan things right, and follow these tips from Women’s World, you’ll get all your errands done, with plenty of time left over.

  • Your doctor’s appointment. Get that out of the way first thing in the morning! Studies show that 92% of doctors run late in the afternoon – because of unexpected delays and emergencies, but if you’re the very first appointment, you’ll have the best chance of getting in and out of your check-up on time.
  • Mail a package at the post office around 10 AM, about an hour after the post office opens. That way you’ll miss the morning rush, the clerks will have finished their early mail sorting duties, and there’ll be more window tellers on hand! Just make sure you get there BEFORE lunch, when lines are longest.
  • In fact, lunchtime is a great time for Errand #3: Stopping at the bank. Bankers say there’s generally a lull each day right around lunch. You should avoid the bank completely on Fridays, or on the 1st and 15th of each month since those are the days most people line-up to cash paychecks!
  • Now, after lunch, run Errand #4: Drop off your dry cleaning. Most people do this on their way to or from work. So if you get to the cleaners in the afternoon, you’ll beat the rush.
  • When’s the best time to do your grocery shopping? Surveys show that WEDNESDAYS generally bring out the fewest shoppers. Just stay away from weekends, since that’s when families tend to do their bulk shopping for the entire week.