That's according to Rodale Publishing. But some men find the idea of reporting to a woman intimidating. They're afraid they might say the wrong thing at the wrong time, or be viewed as inconsiderate or thoughtless. So, here's some advice for the guys on how to work well with a female boss from Karen Lawson, Ph.D. and author of The Art of Influencing:

  • First, women nod to show they're listening, and to encourage you to continue. Don't assume she's nodding because she agrees with you're saying.
  • Then, women like a lot of input--So they ask a lot of questions. But don't make the mistake of thinking she's being indecisive. Women simply prefer to hear what everyone has to say, so they can consider every option before they make a decision.
  • And if you need to challenge a female boss, choose your words carefully. Women tend to get defensive when they're challenged, because they see it as a personal attack on their credibility. Where men see a challenge as a sign of equal treatment and respect.
  • Also, women say "I'm sorry" to show they understand where you're coming from. When men hear "I'm sorry," they think it means someone's apologizing for a mistake.
  • And a final tip to help you get along with a female boss is. If she comes to you with a problem that needs solving, don't start supplying answers. She's simply using you as a sounding board. And if you start telling her what to do, or how to handle the problem, she'll just get annoyed.

If you'd like to go further the book is called The Art of Influencing by Dr. Karen Lawson.