The coronavirus is changing the way we fly. Here’s what you can expect from airlines the next time you travel.

Some airlines will no longer board planes from front-to-back, or first-class first. Instead, Delta, Air France, and other airlines now prefer boarding flights from the back-to-the-front… which helps minimize how many times passengers have to pass each other to find their seats. That way, it minimizes passengers exposure to potential viruses!

Also, say goodbye to using a plane’s restroom whenever the urge strikes! Because budget carrier Ryanair recently became the first to require passengers to raise their hand and request permission to “go!” That’s to discourage people from gathering in the aisle outside the restroom… and potentially spreading germs.

And you know how when planes land and reach their gate, passengers traditionally stand all at once and start opening bins to grab their bags? Well, most will now ask passengers to remain seated, until flight attendants say it’s their turn to stand. The goal is to reduce the chaotic reaching and bumping that would make it IMPOSSIBLE to practice safe, physical distancing on a crowded plane.